Liquid Exchange Launches BCH/USDC Trading Pairs

The global cryptocurrency trading platform Liquid has announced the release of its new BCH/USDC trading pairs allowing anyone to swap bitcoin cash for the popular stablecoin USDC. Moreover, Liquid users will soon be able to connect their accounts to’s new Bitcoin Cash Register app and receive USDC directly.

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Liquid Exchange Adds BCH/USDC Trading Pairs Plus Bitcoin Cash Register Integration

This week the digital asset exchange Liquid revealed the launch of its new BCH/USDC pairs and the upcoming support for the Bitcoin Cash Register platform. Liquid users can now trade bitcoin cash (BCH) against Circle’s USD-pegged coin USDC. Founded in 2014 by Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada, Liquid (a subsidy of Quoine) has been a popular exchange for quite some time. In a 12-month period up until May 2019, Liquid has processed more than $50 billion in transactions. The BCH/USDC trading pair support is coupled with the effort to integrate Liquid into’s new Bitcoin Cash Register application. Soon after the integration, users will be able to accept BCH payments and quickly settle into USDC via Liquid.

Liquid Exchange Launches BCH/USDC Trading Pairs

This year launched the Bitcoin Cash Register platform for iOS and Android devices. The application gives anyone the ability to accept BCH at any physical location by simply tethering the app to a public address or an extended public key. When the app feature is ready connecting the Bitcoin Cash Register app to the Liquid exchange will be able to be completed in just a few steps:

  1. Sign up for a Liquid account.
  2. Link the Bitcoin Cash Register app to the Liquid account.
  3. Accept BCH payments from anyone, and receive USDC directly into your Liquid account.

Liquid Exchange Launches BCH/USDC Trading Pairs

The Benefits of Bitcoin Cash and Fast Settlement

By giving merchants the ability to accept both BCH and USDC it will provide retailers with diversification through a simple point-of-sale solution that takes less than two minutes to set up. During the launch, the Liquid team detailed that the upcoming integration with the Bitcoin Cash Register app will be harnessed through Liquid’s Quick Exchange API that allows traders to quickly swap one asset for another.

“We have long been a supporter of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, with bitcoin cash traded on Liquid and also used as a funding currency for our initial exchange offering (IEO) platform,” Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori said during the launch. Kayamori continued by adding:

We firmly believe in making cryptocurrency accessible for all and so we welcome the opportunity to help merchants around the world accept payments in bitcoin cash and get fast settlement in a regulated stablecoin like USDC.

Liquid Exchange Launches BCH/USDC Trading Pairs

The USD-backed stablecoin developed by the open-source cryptocurrency organization Centre (Circle and Coinbase) has been a popular investment vehicle for trade and hedging since it launched in September 2018. USDC is also supported by other crypto infrastructure providers, wallets and software applications that support tokens through the open ERC-20 standard. A month later after the USDC launch, Liquid listed the coin to “meet the growing demand for reliable, regulated stablecoins that can be transferred quickly and used by traders to protect against market volatility.”’s CEO Roger Ver is thrilled to see Liquid add the decentralized digital asset bitcoin cash paired with USDC on the exchange. Speaking on the announcement Ver further emphasized:

Bitcoin Cash is peer to peer electronic cash that is cheap, fast and reliable — We are very pleased with Liquid’s decision to add the BCH/USDC trading pair.

Users can sign up for the Liquid trading platform today and trade BCH against USDC at any time. People can also test out’s Bitcoin Cash Register app and sign up for Liquid to get updated on when the integration will be complete. Meanwhile, test out the merchant application with a public BCH address and accept crypto at your retail location. With another bitcoin cash market added to the cryptoconomy, Liquid’s new BCH/USDC pair adds more liquidity to the BCH ecosystem as a whole providing more accessible ways to trade.

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