I run a high class escort agency in the UK. I am in need off a payment gateway to accept cards [Amex, Visa, Master Card]. I cant really find a normal high risk merchant account that is happy to support me [especially after the wirecard scandal] – even though i have a perfect record on my previous payment gateway – PayPal

I had PayPal for 18 months with no issues until a competitor reported to them, for my violation of their trading policy – taking payment for adult service. So I got blocked.

I have started to take bitcoin transfers – but there is very little payments going that way.

Most off my clients have credit cards they want to use and I’m hoping to see if there is a way to accept their payments via crypto gateway.

The only thing that wont work is ID requirements – they want to remain anonymous [for obvious reasons] but are happy to pay via a gateway with the highest level off scrutiny and security.

If anyone knows off a company i can contact or is a company that can help – please let me know.


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