First read about bitcoin probably in 2011-12. “Oh, another virtual coin, video game money something… Pass.”. I’ve been smoking weed almost everyday in the last 15 years, not a stoner, never smoked before or on the job, i don’t drink, i’m a happy educated functional member of this smoke and mirrors modern society, i’m careful with my health, so after all this years that’s the thing that makes me hole in this world. Always had a dealer but in the spring of 2017 i got a job in another country, knew nobody so i had to buy from the dark net. Of course with bitcoin. I used it for some months, had a small stash of btc for weed, but still for me was video game money. Buying every other week, of course i watched the prices rising but didn’t bother to investigate. After the dip in nov 2017 for the first time i opened a btc chart and because i used to trade stocks for years- (did pretty good until i discovered options)- i saw it crystal clear: the melt-up was coming, i knew i had to buy as an investment for the first time. So i lit up a big one and for the first time began reading and going down the btc rabbit hole. I was fuckin’ blown away, that was my btc awakening moment! From then on i was hooked and here i am two years later high on bitcoin craving for more and more. For the newbies, don’t trade, i rarely do it and even then, only swing trade. And never futures, options, any of that shit. There are a lot of people smarter than you. And a lot of bots, definitely smarter than you. One more thing, many thanks to this wonderful community. Thank you marijuana! The end. Out.

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