Bitconnect update

John Biggaton was the public face of Bitconnect in Australia. 

But, like everyone who gave their name and showed their face publicly, he was only pretending to be a major player in the company.  In reality, John was just another participant recruiting new members to sign up underneath him, just another person holding a spot on the pyramid.

Who were the real people behind Bitconnect? We still don’t know. Not their names, or even what country they operated out of.

 The real leaders made off with nearly $1 billion in Bitcoin – leaving the gullible people they convinced to organize events, like John, to take the fall. 

When it all collapsed, chaos followed.

When it comes to John Biggaton, money isn’t the only thing missing. Shortly after Bitconnect’s collapse, his wife disappeared as well.

Updated 12/17/19

Video Courtesy Of Seven Network Australia