Omni Beta Waiting List Airdrop is worth 6 $OMNI coins. Share your referral link to earn up to 2 $OMNI tokens for every referral.

In addition, Omni is Giving Away 1,000,000 $OMNI coins worth at least $20K (Public Sale Price). And they expect it to grow 10x from there and much more!

About Omni

Omni is a mega social media “App of all Apps” with world-class features and tools to provide a unique experience to its users. The users can go live within the app, share stories, create channels, chat with other users via video or audio, sell or buy products in stores, create videos and photos with special effects, and much more. 

Omni is Not Just an App, It’s a Mega App combining the Best Features of your Favorite Apps under one. Imagine a social media platform that encompasses all the best features of the top social media platforms that are already in existence.

@OMNI_AI x @splytcore are proud to announce a new partnership that would incorporate the best of both projects to give their users the opportunity to enjoy the stores at OMNI in a more efficient blockchain-based way.