I had a HitBTC account for more than two years without any problems. My last action was in June 2019, when I once again tried to withdraw eos to my wallet (until that moment, I tried to withdraw eos from January 2019 and I did not succeed in this). Finally, I was able to successfully withdraw EOS, and I stopped using the services of the HitBTC, because I did not have any funds left on it (apart from some cents that cannot be withdrawn or traded).


A few days ago I decided to login to HitBTC. I found that HitBTС deposited BSV to me from those BCH pennies that remained on my account. Right! There was a fork of BCH, and if I’m not mistaken, before the fork I had about 18.5 BCH coins! I also knew that quite recently BSV took off in price up to $300. Bingo! $5000 fell from the sky! Adrenaline hit me in the head, and in a hurry I started trying to get BSV coins. I went to the fake site electrum-bsv, downloaded it, entered the seed and got a connection error and so on several times in a row. And only then I decided to google it or is it a normal wallet… The first lines that I saw on Google were – SCAM !!! DON’T USE IT !!! Oh my God, how could this happen to me, I knew how many such cases happened to people, why didn’t I check everything first? Adrenalin… Now I knew that I needed to act like lightning to try to save my coins. I was lucky that I quickly found a real electrum wallet, and I instantly withdrew coins from there to the newly created wallet. If BSV didn’t have a light wallet, I would have to wait until the full node loaded, which would significantly reduce my chances of saving my coins. By the way, I don’t know why the fake wallet did not steal my coins. I used to think that this happens instantly. Perhaps their server is no longer working … While I was trying to save my coins, the thought came to me: how easy it came, so easy it gone… But. In a word, I was lucky! But the story did not end there …

Finally, I transferred BSV to the HitBTC, sold them to the BTC and requested a withdrawal. A minute later I found that the withdraw was canceled and a message appeared: “Withdrawals are temporarily disabled on your account. Please contact us via this form”. While I was waiting for an answer from technical support, I read a lot of complaints about HitBTС, that the accounts were being blocked for no good reason (as in my case), that the documents were being requested and their list could be huge and impossible. Also I found this article: https://www.weusecoins.com/hitbtc-selective-scamming/

Of course, there was no limit to my disappointment … 5 minutes ago I saved my money from hackers, and now they are blocked on the exchange …

A response came from tech support: I needed to complete KYC… Most likely, my account was blocked due to a long period of inactivity. In response, I gave them many reasons why I think that the lock occurred by mistake. My account is securely protected with a complex password and 2fa authentication is enabled. I also noted that I can’t be a hacker who, after a long inaction, tried to withdraw funds from the account (which were not there anyway), and vice versa – first I deposited my account and then withdrew. Also, I did not deposited coins on the account that can really be suspicious, such as Monero or Zcash. This is BSV. And the transaction date shows that they have been inactive at the address since the fork. Therefore, their nature is as pure as possible. I also said that I did not exceed withdrawal limits. I withdrew less than 0.6 BTC (limit is 1BTC per day).

I also said that I would not send them my documents. Firstly, because once on another exchange where I was verified, there was a leak of documents. And I don’t know, or now my documents do not walk somewhere on the darknet. Secondly, because after reading all the complaints and articles, I no longer have confidence in HitBTC.

I even told them that I want to make a reversal. If you suspect me of anything, just cancel all operations and return me my BSV to the same wallet from which I sent them to you and you can even close my account.

Also in this article I found a very similar case to mine: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/ejviy0/another_victim_of_hitbtc/

And I saw how a man solved this problem – he was asked to confirm that he had a wallet from which coins were sent to the exchange. What I did – I signed the message using my wallet and sent them a message and signature

But all the answers that I receive from the exchange – provide documents.

I asked them: I want to know what happens if you refuse to unblock my account, and I refuse to undergo verification? Will you forever leave my funds with you? In no case do I want to threaten you, but if so, I will write about it in various forums and turn to various specialists for help, since I think this is not fair.

So, thst’s why Im here…

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