Only 3.5 years ago Bitcoin was about $420/btc. At the time, just as play money, I decided to buy one bitcoin for myself, one for my mom, and none for my dad. He refused because he thought Bitcoin was a fad. This is separate from my cold wallet. In Nov 2017 when bitcoin was worth $17,000, my mom badly needed a new car and using that one Bitcoin I bought her a brand-new car. She was ecstatic and proud. I was happy I could help her out. It was her first brand-new car. (sadly, my dad got nothing) A brand-new Honda Civic was her #OneBitcoinCar.

I really like the new Tesla Cybertruck. It really excites me. It is expected to be released in December 2022, and it’s gonna cost about $56,000 with options, taxes, and shipping costs to Germany. I put my play bitcoin order for that much. Let’s see if it will get executed by Dec 1st, 2022. If so, it will be a $420 Cybertruck for me. So please have your fingers crossed, and set your reminders for Dec 1st, 2022 for #OneBitcoinTesla.

Today I sold my VW golf for about 8k. I plan to buy one bitcoin with it and put it aside as house money. Once mass adoption happens and we can buy everything with bitcoin, I will buy a luxury house with it. #OnebitcoinHouse

Some of you may ask how I am gonna get to work without a car. I am glad you asked. Funny thing is I had also bought one bitcoin as freedom money. Recently when bitcoin hit $12,000 I decided to quit my job and travel for a year. #OneBitcoinFreedom

Bitcoin represents freedom for me. Freedom from central banks, freedom from government wars, freedom from monetary devaluation. Buying Bitcoin also gives me the joy of being able to support an ecosystem that reduces governments’ ability to demonetize their currencies. Here is looking at you India, Venezuela, African countries and the all mighty former USSR. The cars and houses are just a bonus.

Freiheit ist Bitcoin. Join the #OneBitcoinCar club. Join the #OneBitcoinHome club. Join the #OneBitcoinFreedom club.

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