With sales having reached almost $12bn in 2019 and being fueled even further by the COVID-19 situation and ever-increasing smartphone adoption in 2020, the online gaming market is ripe for growth.

The key for gaming companies is to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for players, including being able to accept and process payments quickly for in-game purchases, and to send instant payouts to winners. This article looks at the benefits of a good payment gateway for gaming companies, and how this assists the user experience and increases revenues.

It’s All About the UX

Modern gamers expect speedy gameplay and features, so the user interface is what creates optimal user experience and ultimately makes or breaks a game. This expectation extends into payment flows, and overlooking the importance of these and ending up with a clunky process can negatively impact the gaming experience and make or break a company’s success. Think of your in-game purchase offerings as being part of the game itself – and design them to be as intuitive and seamless as possible.

Tech and Test

Put simply, the payment process is an integral part of the user’s experience, and selecting the right gateway is a crucial part of the entire game. Modern users expect a fast and secure checkout experience and having slick technology and a well-tested integration is crucial to satisfying those expectations.

Given that most games are played on-the-go on smartphones as opposed to other larger devices, in-game and single-click payments that don’t rely on redirecting users to external gateways are all the more vital.

Providing personalized offers to gamers using AI processes also increase the user experience, and your ability to maximize ad revenue and up-selling and cross-selling from your game. All of this also creates more of a ‘stickiness’ to the game.  And you’ll see increased customer loyalty as a result.

Choice and Peace of Mind

Whether in the real world or the digital world, people like choice. And the more payment options you offer to your users, the more convenience you’ll give them and the easier you make it for them to spend money with you.  Online gaming merchant accounts are the backbone of payment processing

In addition to user experience and ease of payment, security is another key consideration. Research shows that more than half of all gamers stop making purchases in or stop using altogether apps that have experienced a cyber attack or data breach. Needless to say that a secure, reputable online gaming payment gateway is the first step in building this user trust and confidence.

Tips for Choosing an Online Gaming Payment Gateway  

Online Gaming Merchant Accounts
Online Gaming Merchant Accounts

All-in-all, look for an online payment gateway that offers seamless usability and top-notch UX that will set your games apart from the rest of the pack. This includes in-app processing, and the ability to accept a variety of payment methods. This attention to detail can quickly manifest itself in increased revenue and higher review scores and recommendations from players.

With PaynetSecure, you’re in good hands. With over two decades’ experience providing merchant services to companies around the world, we assist you with the top priorities outlined in this article (UX, payment options and security) with the following credentials:

  • Payment options:
    • Users can use all types of credit and debit cards, ACH payments (for BACS transfers instead of a card payment), and virtual debit cards.
  • Security:
    • Level 1 PCI / DSS Certified Gateway with military-grade encryption for payment processing
    • Advanced fraud-fighting tools to safeguard your business and your users
  • User experience:
    • Unlimited recurring billing plans allow you to offer seamless experience to your customers
    • This makes it easier for them to pay you, and more likely to stay with your game

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