I have been a long time hodler and been DCAaing whenever I can. As a student I don’t have a steady income and whenever I work an internship or work as a Teaching Assistant, I put all my earnings into crypto, mainly bitcoin. Recently during the Christmas break, I sold some of my alts to get into trading bitcoin using technical analysis.

Now I never really believed in technical analysis before and just thought of it has drawing random lines to make sense out of something nonsensical. But I found this youtuber who was making crazy gains (100-400k) per trade, and he would take profits in bitcoin. So I decided to give it a shot. After watching his videos and trying to understand what he says. After losing 7k now…. yeah 7k as a fucking student… I have decided to quit and just DCA again.

TL;DR 99% of the people will benefit more from DCA rather than trying to trade btc in order to improve btc position.

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