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Private schools have been known to start using computers as early as the 1990s to educate their students. These schools would have computers, projectors, and LCD displays that were used to teach their students new skills.

While many public schools now also use technology in teaching their students, it’s undeniable that private schools are still spearheading innovation.

Many parents simply believe that sending their children to private schools is a great investment. While it’s true that sending a kid to a private school can get very expensive, there is also many types of financial aid available. Moreover, many financial institutions are willing to work out a loan for any amount you need to cover. 

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Now, if you’re still unsure whether you’d like to send your kid to a private school, then knowing how technologically advanced these schools are may help you decide. Here are ways that private schools incorporate the use of technology in teaching their students.

Modern and updated equipment

All schools most likely have computers and televisions in their classrooms. What private schools ensure is that their students get to have the most up to date tech, which helps them avoid getting left behind. The latest equipment, gadgets, or devices can let students do more activities that might not be possible without it.

Some private schools are equipped with MACs instead of regular PCs. Aside from chalk or whiteboards, some schools are also equipped with interactive whiteboards, which can make learning more fun. The use of tablets like Chromebooks is also becoming a trend in many private schools, taking the need from notebooks away and actually saving trees in the process.

These tablets are where the students can keep their books, notes, and other study materials. Aside from it helping lessen the things that kids or students need to bring to school, learning is simply made convenient for them too. 

Use of apps, software, and programs

It’s typical for schools that let their students use devices like tablets also use some sort of program or software to organize their study materials. There are apps or websites where students can keep their books and notes.

School activities, projects, and homework can also be accessed online. Students can answer these activities and the teachers can see their progress and immediately check on their work. Apps like Live Binder can be used by students to take notes.

While some schools still show videos through DVD players, private schools are more likely to use streaming services. YouTube videos can now be very helpful and some teachers would use such app or sites for supplemental learning.

Virtual classes

The presence of students in the classroom is still a requirement, but there may be days that they can attend a class or discussion online. Most private schools value productivity and there are some schools that let the students attend an online session to take tests or exams.

This can also be a good venue to teach home-schooled students. While parents can still be involved in teaching their own kids, some private schools already have learning material made available online.

Competitive technological programs

The truth is that private schools have access to funds that can improve their technological programs like robotics. This gives the students who have the natural knack for technology, engineering, and programming to practice their skills better.

They are given more opportunities to compete not only in their own state but also even outside the country. These are sometimes activities that only students from private schools get to participate in.

Digital content creation

This is also one of the many things that kids in private schools have, as their schools are usually partnered with software providers that enable them to produce high-quality digital content. Most of the time, such a project is only done by one or two people who know their way around.

However, since private schools are capable of giving their students resources to work as a team, everybody gets to contribute. Projects no longer have to be an effort from just one or two members of a group. This simply promotes collaboration and efficient social interaction.


These are just a few things that students from private schools get when it comes to the involvement of technology. The world after school heavily relies on technology and private schools that make use of it can just help prepare your kids better.

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