Securing Reputational Risks

Every business needs security to ward against breaches and other crimes peculiar to electronic transactions.  Whether communication via emails, filling out profiles with personal information or the delivery of goods and services, ensuring that a company’s data is safe is the same as making sure that the doors are locked. 

For adult merchants, there is an added component of high risk that some other businesses do not have.  The delicate nature of adult merchant data and the product adult merchants provide requires total protection.  Adult merchants have what is known as “reputational risk” because the product they deliver is almost certainly requires complete discretion. 

Data breaches for adult merchants are disastrous for both the company and clientele.  Not only could financial transaction data be stolen but the anonymity of clientele has the potential of being absolutely destroyed, ruining reputations on so many levels.  A company with a history of data breach will be hard pressed to find anyone who wants to do business with them. And clientele lives could be ruined if the wrong facts came to light. The fallout of unprotected data is endless.

Now more than ever, high risk adult merchants need to make sure that their high risk merchant server provides the kind of protection they and their clients need to keep money, personal information and personal preferences as good as locked away in a virtual vault, where only the adult merchant and the high risk merchant server have combination.

Keepers of the Adult Merchant’s Gate: Encryption, Authentication and Authorization

Adult Merchant Account

·        Encryption

Encryption scrambles data so that it is unreadable to anyone but the adult merchant, the high-risk server and the client, as it pertains to him or her.  This feature prevents thieves from hijacking precious data while it is being transferred in the course of the adult merchant’s business.

Most companies today have some form of data protection, but not all companies are high-risk merchants with a reputational risk component.  So, is that protection cloaking company data truly state-of-the art? A high-risk merchant server should offer military-grade encryption, because some already do, and military-grade encryption is top of the line.  This means that the adult merchant’s high-risk merchant server should offer the best possible security protocols available to the public, to make sure that every piece of data transferred between business and client, is totally protected.

·        Authentication

Cyber protection in the form of authentication for the adult merchant requires that anyone trying to access adult merchant data is allowed to do so.  This is more than simply having the correct password. High risk merchant servers may require multi-factor authentication, liking having a code sent to an email or a phone for added proof those accessing data are who they say they are. 

Especially for adult merchants, this is key because the nature of their business often requires discretion and the last thing any client wants is for someone else who may have access to a computer with saved passwords, to take a peek in their account.

·        Authorization

This feature restricts view to content.  This means, for example, if a client is signed on to his or her account, that they cannot view anything they are not invited to see.  So, a person who makes a shell account which grants him or her access to the adult merchant’s store, cannot use it as a gateway to gather information on other clients or to perpetrate a data breach of any kind.


Adult merchant accounts are used by companies selling adult content to consumers.  Adult merchant accounts can be established for all types of adult merchants, including shippable products such as toys, devices, silicon dolls as well as digital content, videos, and downloads.

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