We have been seeing way too many stories about people losing their coins because of word misspellings, misplacing word-keys, etc.

For the safety of your keys, and state of mind, please go to your wallet right now, reset and rewrite your key while you still have access to it. You should be resetting your password NATURALLY on all devices you use anyways, including email, social media, etc. if anything, your BTC wallet is far more important than those. Start practicing good security with your BTC.

After that, store 2-3 copies in DIFFERENT, FAR AWAY geographical places if you can. Multiple homes? Dads house? Etc.

Some place no one would ever think to look but you, and always have a backup in another geographical location that only you know.

If you only have one place to store it, then I suggest buying water proof paper (I know that sounds weird, but it’s out there), and maybe even creating a nice hiding spot of your own in apartment. Some ideas: taped behind a painting only you would recognize, potted in a plant (if you have many), inside a wall outlet, etc.

Good luck, and stay safe! Love you all.

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