These posts are happening every single day here…

For example:

Unfortunately, OP of that thread is actually one of the smarter ones, asking if it’s a scam (and then ignoring the advice given, so who knows).

And here, this person was not so lucky:

If you get a message saying you’ve “won” some money or bitcoin, or see on social media that someone is “giving away” bitcoin. Report it, block the user, move on.

You will send money, either to pay for a “withdrawal fee” or to get the wallet up to a “minimum balance” and nothing will happen. You’ll just lose your bitcoin that you sent. That’s it.

Giveaways on social media are the same. You’ll send bitcoin for the promise of bitcoin being “sent back” and nothing will happen. Bye bye Bitcoin. All those responses saying it’s amazing and thanking the kind soul giving away the money? All fake. Every single one.

If you send any bitcoin to anyone on the promise of more bitcoin, you are being scammed and you WILL lose anything you send. Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. The money is gone forever.

Don’t be dumb. Don’t be greedy. It’s too good to be true. Walk away.

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