RoyalStox Review – Ideal Broker For a Smooth Trading Experience

The truth is that everyone wants to make money within a short period. It would do us and our financial stability an excellent deal to save for our future, and how exactly is that possible? By investments.

With a quick browse through the internet space, you will find that one of the ways to make legit money is by trading digital assets in the online trading space.

The online market is open for everyone; investors and traders are provided with unique opportunities to make extra income. 

To navigate the online trading space completely, you have to look for a broker whose trading platform can satisfy your financial and trading needs.

This broker should be able to aid you regardless of your trading skills or experience. The reality is that there are so many brokers in the online trading space right now, and some may not be as genuine.

RoyalStox’s online trading platform is designed to help all its traders have the best chances and tools in order to profit from cryptocurrency and financial markets. They provide for clients all across five continents, just sign up with this platform and experience trading with powerful trading tools.

However, we will be taking a look at why the RoyalStox platform is the best for you. We will look at its fantastic platform features and its efficiency as well.

RoyalStox Review

It may be true that when compared with other brokerage firms, the RoyalStox platform is pretty new. However, it has gained popularity in years, and it has made up adequately by providing standard trading solutions for its customers, no matter their trading experience.

This platform was designed and launched by genuinely skilled trading professionals who are highly experienced with the online trading space. The RoyalStox brokerage firm’s platform is simplified and accommodates both novice and advanced traders.

This online trading platform has provided a system for their traders that is without any malfunction and insecurity. With this platform, you are ensured the safety of your funds and confidential information.

RoyalStox trading platform makes use of CFDs, which has become quite popular these days. It is because this form of trading does not require the trader to be physically present. It enables traders to be able to generate a high income without too much fuss.

Trading with CFDs, you will not necessarily buy or sell physical assets; though, you will purchase on contracts. With this, you would carry out price and trade predictions regarding movements in the online trading space, while using CFDs.

The brokerage firm has also seen to provide for a positive trading space for its customers. Their platform has been designed to work flawlessly under a responsive trading space.

The RoyalStox platform has also developed its platform by adding a whole range of tools to aid their customers. They have expanded their assets, which means you now have access to trading with various assets on the online trading space.

They have offers for both beginners and advanced traders; you can continue to work with this brokerage firm in the long run because they have got you completely covered.

Trading Tools Variety:

Before signing up with a brokerage platform, you should ask yourself as a trader some critical questions. What do you want to trade correctly? That should be the first question you ask be registering with a broker; this is important because you do not wish to sign up with a brokerage firm and end up finding out that they do not have the assets you want to trade. That can be quite frustrating, and it will be effort and time wasted.

It is always better and advised to trade with a brokerage firm that offers a whole variety of trading tools and assets. 

The RoyalStox trading platform offers its traders with more than one thousand varieties of assets to trade. It will expand their trading opportunities and also aid them in earning a high income.

The online brokerage platform also has exotic, minor, and major currencies available for exchange. With all the available commodities, you would hardly run out of trading assets and opportunities. 

It is mostly advisable for beginner traders to trade with significant currencies to avoid any form of risk loss. Trading in major currencies is more accessible because you are provided with a lot of information regarding price movements and currency value.

Trading with the RoyalStox platform, you are not limited in any way; if you are not interested in trading forex commodities, you can sell products such as gas, oil, silver, and even corn.

This platform has provided a trading environment for its customers in which any and everything is possible. 

Besides being able to trade with profitable commodities, you also get to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. 

State-of-the-art Trading Platform: 

It is true that every feature offered by a broker is a deal-breaker, and has a positive impact on your trading experience. Nonetheless, the most vital function is your trading experience, which will be provided by the brokerage platform.

The RoyalStox platform treats this with utmost importance, and their trading platform plays a huge role in determining the success of its traders when it comes to online trading.

Each feature in the RoyalStox trading platform is aimed at easing the trading trials and ensures that traders make use of the right tools to trade. The trading platform gives its users a real-time presence in the online trading space.

The trading tools provided enable you to make sound trading decisions, and you tend to earn extra income. The trading platform has offered a web-based trading technique, and this is genuinely suitable because it saves you from the stress of having to download anything, making trading more comfortable.

With this platform, you can freely access it on any device with a browser, and you do not have to take on the responsibility of platform management. The brokerage firm deals with all of that by downloading security updates and using daily system maintenance.

The RoyalStox platform is incredibly responsive, and they use several trading tools aided by technology, which gives them an edge above other trading platforms.

This trading platform is compatible with IOS and Android devices and works smoothly on devices without any hitch. With this trading platform, you can enjoy advanced features, and on the go trading opportunities. 

So why not trade with the RoyalStox platform and you get not to risk your funds, enjoy a risk-free trade.

Numerous Choice of Accounts:

It is standard and required that before you start trading with a brokerage firm, you should open an account with the firm. With this account, you can easily make deposits and withdrawals from your accounts without any hassle. 

The RoyalStox platform has a total of five accounts that is accessible and available to all its customers. These accounts come with their unique features that fit into the needs of all the platform’s customers. 

You are allowed to select any account of your choice, as long as it fits your financial needs and trading experience. You could also choose an account because of the amount of money you can invest.

The various account choices that can be found on the platform are:

Micro Account:

 This account type is the first account on the RoyalStox platform, and it is the least account type available to traders on this platform. It is usually an account that is fit for beginner traders; they have little or no experience in online trading.

To start up this account, you are required to deposit a minimum of EUR 500. You will also enjoy leverage trading in this account, and you will have access to trading alerts and advanced trading charts.

You will also have part access, which is limited to their educational or training center.

Standard Account:

This account also referred to as the silver account, is the second available account on the RoyalStox trading platform. This account is designed for traders who have a reasonable level of trading experience.

The minimum amount deposited for this account is EUR 2,500, while the maximum amount is EUR 10,000. You get access to trading leverage, which is higher than that of the micro account.

You would also get access to 24/7 customer support and aid in case you experience any trading difficulty or challenge. You also have access to attend live and enlightening trading sessions twice a week.

Platinum Account:

This is the third form of account that is available on the RoyalStox trading platform. It is also referred to as the gold account, and you can open this account by depositing a minimum of EUR 10,000 and a maximum of EUR 50,000. 

This account is for skilled traders who are willing to take risks, and they enjoy higher leverage than the other two accounts. It is required to have considerable knowledge of the online market to avoid risk-taking.

With this account, you get to enjoy unlimited access to the RoyalStox education and training center; you will be able to attend live sessions and webinars directed by adept traders. You can also enroll in various courses. 

This particular account grants its users access to unique trading alerts, and you get accurate market updates, which allows you to enjoy your trading sessions.

Premium Account:

The premium account has been designed for traders who are skilled and can make quality trading decisions. This account is for people who have had years of trading experience and have become professionals in the online trading world.

The minimum amount required to start up this account is EUR 50,000, and the maximum required is EUR 250,000. Since this account is for those who are conversing with the trading business, they are provided with a 40% bonus. They get to have an increase in leverage trading.

With this account, you are provided with unlimited trading sessions, and you have access to daily market reviews and other financial management features.

You also enjoy all the other features mentioned in the previous accounts and a whole lot more.

VIP Account:

This is the highest form of account on the RoyalStox platform, and it is also called the Diamond account. This account has been designed for professional and VIP traders who do not have a problem with investing less than EUR 250,000. 

This account does not have a maximum limit to the number of funds you can invest, this account is fit for traders who are willing to take huge risks, and of course, it comes with its fantastic benefits.

Trained and qualified account managers are put in place to ensure loyalty bonuses and trading leverages too. You can also have personal sessions with these account managers.

You can take a look at all these account choices, pick an account that suits your financial needs, and grant you access to features you have confidence in using. Invest your funds today, and experience benefits beyond your imaginations.

Stress-free Trading Options:

After going through all the various accounts mentioned above, you will realize that it is necessary to deposit funds to invest in an account.

You might be wondering how it is possible to deposit and withdraw profits from this platform. You are also made aware if there are any necessary fees needs for withdrawing funds.

What makes this platform even more surprising is that they are entirely open about their banking methods and the fees needed for any operation. 

When it comes to making deposits, RoyalStox has offered its customers a wide range of trading choices, which includes conventional and recent means.

This platform allows you to make use of the bank wire transfer option if it fits for you. You can also use your debit or credit cards to add funds. The RoyalStox brokerage firm has added the use of e-wallets and several payment services too.

You are allowed to use the same methods used for withdrawals of funds for deposits as well. However, do not forget that if you are withdrawing profits, you can also make use of the bank wire transfer option.

If you are pondering how long the withdrawals or deposits will take, you should know that your preferred choice method will determine it.

Deposits are without question free of cost on the RoyalStox platform. Regardless of the option you choose, the broker does not charge you a dime, but there are fees required for withdrawing funds. The fees charged depend on the amount you withdraw and the method used.

With the RoyalStox platform, you get to trade with so many unlimited opportunities, and the trading method is stress-free and digital.

Secure System:

If you have ever been into trading or come across it in any way, you will realize that a platform’s security is not one to be joked with. There are many security risks involved in online trading, which some brokers are willing to take. 

However, the RoyalStox platform takes into consideration all of these, and they ensure to protect your personal and confidential information with all they have. With this brokerage firm, I fully assure you that your funds, as well as your knowledge, are in safe hands.

To ensure the safety of customer funds, the platform uses encryption technology, which is inputted into the platform. With this encryption technology, every single piece of data put into the RoyalStox platform is entirely secure.

The platform also uses the Know Your Customer policy, which is known as the KYC policy. This is to help the brokerage firm easily identify their customers before you use their services.

To ensure this, you will have to give the platform some useful information such as ID and email address. This will prevent hackers or criminals from signing up with the firm to steal funds.

The firm has also made it so that no one else apart from you has access to your account. This is done to prevent illegal entry into other people’s accounts without their knowledge.

24/7 Customer Care:

To ensure success in the online trading system, the brokerage firm has to offer quality customer service to ensure the brokerage firm’s longevity. The trading world can be quite frustrating and confusing, and so traders may have so many questions.

This is why the RoyalStox platform provides all-round customer support for its customers. They ensure to treat their customers’ needs with individual attention.

The fantastic thing about their customer service is that you can get access to it through various methods. They provide a whole number of multiple processes. 

You can also make use of the live chat option to speak to their customer support team immediately. You can also get in touch with their customer service through other electronic means.


The RoyalStox platform is easy to use and offers traders several exceptional features that several traders have tried and used.

The process of registration and trading is not complicated, and it is usually done with ease. You can enjoy a risk-free trade, and you can also enjoy high-income earnings.

Sign up with this trading platform and enjoy trading with confidence.