I received an email from a scammer claiming that he had gained access to my device, monitored my browsing, observed the adult sites that I’ve visited, and obtained control of my camera and mic. He asked for 1400 USD to ‘forget about the entire thing’.

I am posting this message to warn people about this email as the address he provides contains about 0.75BTC, meaning that he has scammed quite a few people. The address is this:


Don’t worry about me. I practise ironclad opsec, I do NOT surf adult sites or anything sensitive or dangerous, and my mic and camera are unplugged and in my drawer, only plugged in at need. So there is no basis to these claims. Other people might believe it though and might send Bitcoin to that address, hence my warning.

Interestingly, the email is written is good, prescriptive English, with no orthographical or grammatical errors that I can detect. A mixture of American and British idiom though.

Be safe!

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