anonymity using btc or eth

It has been tough to convince outsiders about bitcoin and altcoins. Most people remain unwilling to engage in an open dialog in 2020.

As is usually the case, the topic of bitcoin remains highly controversial.

The Non-believers Will Flock to Bitcoin Eventually

To most non-believers, it has no value or a pyramid scheme.

Another common argument is how it is not regulated, which is far from the truth, depending on one’s region.

The fact that it is not backed by anything is often highlighted as a flaw.

In reality, it is the core strength of any cryptocurrency on the market today.

Unfortunately, those who are stuck in this mindset will not be persuaded of the opposite.

It begs the question whether there is any point in “converting” non-believers at all.

One’s efforts would be best used on engaging in a dialog with like-minded people.

Over time, the undisputed purpose of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become more apparent.

Any new disruptive technology goes through cycles of non-believers.

The Internet suffered from this issue, as did computers, smartphones, and even video games.

Instead of wasting valuable efforts, it can be put to better use.

Building stronger ecosystems is one way of paving the way for broader adoption.

There is also a lot of work to be done to make bitcoin more convenient, as it severely lacks in this department.

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