TeraBlock Secures $2.4 Million To Build A Newbie-Friendly Crypto Exchange Powered by Machine Learning

TeraBlock, an automated crypto investment platform, has announced the successful completion of its $TBC token IDO. As per the announcement, TeraBlock explained it had raised $2.94 million from its $TBC token IDO held on BSCPad.

TeraBlock launched its IDO on May 11, 2021, and saw 3754 retail investors participate in the event. This adds to the recently raised $2.4 million from 24 institutional investors, including X21 Digital, PlotX, Manticore Partners, Magnum Capital, Shima Capital, PetRock Capital, and more.

In the latest  IDO, TeraBlock allowed retail investors to buy Terablock’s BEP-20 token on a decentralized exchange or DEX. This was different from the previous funding round. 

Notably, the $TBC IDO tokens currently occupy 18.5% of TeraBlock’s 400 million total token supply. Holders of $TBC tokens can leverage their assets to avail trade automation free of cost along with discounted transaction fees on the platform.

The TBC token is currently available on Uniswap and PancakeSwap as well. Following the latest IDO, the number of TBC holders has increased from 3,754 to more than 4,900. On Uniswap, the TBC token only has one trading pair with ETH, while on PancakeSwap, the token cab is traded with two pairs, namely, WBNB and BUSD.

TeraBlock is the simplest solution for people looking to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem and efficiently manage their portfolio with the help of Machine Learning (ML) driven trade automation. According to TeraBlock’s founder and CEO, Shivam Tandon, the platform was started in the wake of crypto assets evolution to help people make the most out of trading crypto assets.  Their white paper reads in part:

“By simplifying the way people enter the crypto space and taking away the struggle to keep up with market movements 24/7, our machine learning-driven portfolio trade automation and rebalancing strategies are just the right companion you need to safeguard your assets against market volatility when entering the crypto space.”

The platform allows users to purchase crypto using their debit or credit card. Users can manage the assets on the platform through trade automation. TeraBlock offers four predefined indices: asset performance, project overview, chosen on their total market capitalization, and statistical data. Once a trader selects an index, the platform will automatically buy and trade the funds, opting for the best opportunity to exit at the time of market correction to safeguard funds against high volatility.

The platform also provides easy on and off-ramp solutions for clients looking to buy, hold, trade, or sell cryptocurrencies.