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Following the recent market momentum, many people expect the altcoin season to be in effect. As the Altcoin Season Index shows, that is still not the case.

There are many different opinions on what an altcoin season entails.

Still no Altcoin Season in Sight

Alternative markets rising in value are often a good indicator.

However, the “official” Altcoin Season Index isn’t budging just yet.

Although the altcoins have come close to kicking off a new season, the threshold hasn’t been met for more than a few minutes.

That situation may still change as 2020 progresses.

Today’s sudden Bitcoin price dip isn’t helping matters much either.

Just when it seemed as if the altcoins would push higher, Bitcoin suddenly dropped by over $400.

No one knows what has caused this particular dip,as there was no apparent reason for this incident. 

Even so, most of the altcoin markets didn’t collapse entirely.

Some are already showing signs of rebounding, although the going will be tough. 

Incidents like these tend to impact the overall industry less and less as time progresses.

A blip on the radar was to be expected, especially during a weekend.

Once Bitcoin retakes the $10,000 level with emphasis, the alternative markets will start moving up as well. 

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