A lot of people are in lockdown status right now. While most gamers welcome this scenario, some of them would like to emulate the exact situation at least while playing a game.

One of the best candidates for non-stop gaming is The Last of Us. True, this horror game is already seven years old, but its theme relates eerily with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic situation.

While it is true that gamers who played this survival game are gunning for The Last of Us Part II, they have to wait since its release date has been pushed indefinitely. They have no choice but to play the next best thing, which is the perfect game for this occasion.

Pros and cons

The Last of Us looks very realistic that some players find the game too violent for their tastes. It also kind of mirrors the situation the world faces today; albeit in a more futuristic, post-apocalyptic manner. Some players think that this game took survival horror to a whole new level, and while it is great to play in a normal situation, one can’t stop but think of the repercussions of a pandemic that went out of control.

On the flip side, other players welcome the mirrors and possibilities of the game when it is compared to the situation today. While COVID-19, allegedly, came from bats, the cause of the pandemic in The Last of Us is a mutated Cordyceps fungus strain. While the situation in the game has deteriorated severely, the real-world is slowly coping with the virus.

Survivability is indeed the name of the game in The Last of Us. There are also themes of compassion and love, which should also increase in the world amidst the COVID-19 threat. In playing the game, people would have an idea about what could happen if they didn’t follow the rules and regulations concerning the ways to stop the virus from further spreading.

The verdict

The Last of Us is a great game and will keep anyone indoors not only because of the fun they could have while playing but because of the lessons they can learn concerning certain decisions and look back on some of their life’s choices. This survival-horror game is a grim reminder of what can happen in the foreseeable future.

As of this writing, players can either play Final Fantasy VII Remake or Resident Evil 3 Remake. Those games can keep them indoors and enjoy the isolation. However, if they wanted a game that hits close to home, might as well check their game library and download this one of a kind game.

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