This war started immediately after the spike to 20k, Facebook, Google all banned Bitcoin advertising and price collapsed, now Youtube starts deleting and filters crypto channels .. what is the fuzz about it ?

You didn’t see it coming ?

The corrupted gang formed by bankers and government orders this censorship (do you think they are just waiting and not doing anything about this digital decentralized revolution?), they are killing the growth of crypto with the help of media giants, implementing annoying KYC’s processes and keeping the price at base with the help of futures, killing innovation, killing tokens that could probably solved many many problems ..

Alts got killed in this process and didn’t had any chance to demonstrate some functional benefits..

There are no competition rights in crypto, everything got hammered in this advertising world we are living in only with one word “censorship”..

Bitcoin fights all of them dealing with the pressure and censorship and still growing as a network.

What will be their next step ?

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