The cryptocurrency world is full of surprises. Bitcoin price is not showing much improvement but some projects are currently experiencing a lot of hype. The altcoins performed well and are showing promising improvements. The following are the top 5 cryptocurrencies of the week:

1. Aurora (AOA) +400%

Aurora is a Korean blockchain project. It implements smart contracts and is hence a direct competitor to other cryptocurrencies that support smart contracts such as Ethereum or EOS. It uses delegated-proof-of-stake as the consensus mechanism. The announcement of a partnership with DVP could be responsible for the rise in token prices this week.

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2. iExec +95%

iExec claims to have developed the first decentralized marketplace for cloud computing resources. The project’s token, RLC, is currently at 74th position on Coingecko. The announcement of a partnership with Google could be responsible for the good performance of the price this week.

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3. Digitex +74%

Digitex is a platform on which crypto futures can be traded. The advantage of Digitex is that there are no order costs. The DGTX token is currently ranked 91st on Coingecko. The announcement of a day trading event on July 31 could be one of the reasons for the price increase.

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4. Reserve Rights (RSR) +64%

Reserve Rights (RSR) wants to create a decentralized stablecoin that serves as a universal store of value. It seems that the purpose is to make the decentralized service accessible to everyone. The RSR token is currently ranked 87th on Coingecko. The current hype around DeFi could be one of the reasons for the increase in the token price.

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5. Aave (LEND) + 55%

The LEND token has increased by around 110% in the last 2 weeks and maintains its course upwards. Aave is a DeFi project that gives a decentralized platform for lending. The token has moved up from 41st place last week to 37th place on Coingecko. The current hype surrounding the project is probably responsible for the rise. There are also new listings for the token and extensions to the platform.

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