These Online Stores Will Sell You Masks, Gloves, Emergency Items for Cryptocurrency

Events like the global coronavirus outbreak provide good justification for some prepping. Crises like this often result in shortages and skyrocketing prices of important emergency items, proving that everyone should keep a box of face masks and even a decent survival kit, should things go really bad. The pandemic scare affected crypto holders this week leading to a massive sell-off. But even in these circumstances, there are more rational ways to part with your coins instead of a panic sell.

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How to Buy Anti-Virus Masks With Bitcoin

Avoiding crowded stores is a good idea right now. Luckily, there are many web-based merchants that will sell you just about everything you could need in a doomsday scenario or a survival situation. You can still procure online most of what the Red Cross thinks you should have in your survival kit in the event of an emergency or disaster, such as a flashlight with extra batteries, a hand-crank radio, a multi-purpose tool, and a first aid box.

These Online Stores Will Sell You Masks, Gloves, Emergency Items for CryptocurrencyGreenbelt Outdoors sells reusable masks for several cryptocurrencies through Bitpay.

In the midst of a viral epidemic, however, priorities are changing. Since COVID-19 started spreading around the world, items essential for preventing infection such as surgical masks have become harder to find and expensive to buy. Reusable masks are even pricier but they provide an alternative solution. Greenbelt Outdoors is an online marketplace for adventure and outdoor equipment that has set out to help its customers in that regard. Its website states:

Our current focus is sourcing N95 masks and respirators where we can for potential protection against the coronavirus (COVID-19). We are working with suppliers for preparation for ‘SHTF’ potential scenarios.

The company behind Greenbelt Outdoors, a veteran-owned business based in Austin, Texas, accepts BTC, BCH, ETH, and XRP through Bitpay, and supports many fiat options including credit cards and Paypal. They currently ship several makes of non-disposable masks with activated carbon filters and washable masks that provide respiratory protection. They are offered at discounted prices. That’s on top of a selection of survival gear you might want to check out, just in case. “The way we see it, it’s more important to be prepared then not at all,” the store notes.

Getting Ready for a SHTF Scenario

You can also get prepared for a worst-case scenario using the services of other platforms that accept cryptocurrency payments. Survival Camping Store is one such example as its website is a rich source not only for camping and backpacking equipment but also a wide range of items for emergency situations. These include survival tools, shelter, bedding and cooking products as well as some self-defense means and hunting weapons — and even medical and hygiene supplies. Survival Camping Store supports multiple traditional payment methods, including major credit cards and Paypal, but you can also pay with cryptocurrency and the store offers a 5% discount for direct crypto payments.

These Online Stores Will Sell You Masks, Gloves, Emergency Items for CryptocurrencyBesides outdoor gear, Survival Camping Store ships medical and hygiene products.

Another option is to check platforms such as Spendabit which functions as a search engine for products that can be purchased with bitcoin. You can use filters to specify the region and the merchants you are interested in or enter keywords. Searching for survival kit and medical gloves returns dozens of offerings coming from stores that supposedly accept cryptocurrency. A nice feature allows you to shortlist those that currently offer discounts of 10% or more. You can also search for merchants processing crypto payments using platforms like Spendbitcoins and

The Store can help you to obtain similar products – if you go to the Gift Cards page you’ll find a wide choice of gift cards for major retailers and service providers that you can buy with either bitcoin core (BTC) or bitcoin cash (BCH). They are sorted in multiple categories like Sports & Outdoors where you can order a card for the popular outdoor gear store Cabela’s. And in the Health category, you’ll be able to purchase a gift card for the CVS pharmacy chain.

Do you know of other online merchants that sell emergency items and medical supplies for cryptocurrency? Tell us in the comments section below.

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