People interested in the world of cryptocurrencies for a long time may have heard of it. The Taihuttu family from the Netherlands sold all their belongings and invested in Bitcoin between 2016 and 2017. No less than 2 IT companies, a big house, and three cars were liquidated and converted into cryptocurrencies.

The family has been traveling around the world since then, promoting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the same time. Didi Taihuttu, father of three children, is convinced of the technology and its revolutionary potential. In an interview with the TV broadcaster Arte, he stated that the death of his father helped him to make this decision. He suffered from cancer and suddenly found out that he only had one more year to live.

The situation made Didi contemplate his life. He wondered if he wanted to continue working all his life, only to then die (his mother allegedly died at 48, his father at 61).

Although the family travels a lot, according to their last blog post you can find them mainly sitting on Koh Pangan in Thailand and on Bali in Indonesia. These two islands are an insider tip among digital nomads. There are many digital nomads, bloggers, programmers, and influencers in the crypto world. Didi also works as a consultant on blockchain issues and gives workshops lessons on the subject.
Not everything is beneficial
Who doesn’t dream of such a life? However, there are also downsides. Schooling is compulsory in the Netherlands and most other countries in Europe. A violation is punishable. Therefore, the family de-registered their residence in the Netherlands. The children have been homeschooled ever since.

Didi is not just a hodler. He uses 20% of his capital for daily trading. Since Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are quite volatile and the whole thing is still in the experimental stage, the family’s action is not entirely risk-free. Didi was lucky that he got on board before the big rally in 2017.

The Taihuttus take it easy. True to the motto: No Risk, No Fun. Certainly a dream of many, but in the end not for everyone. In any case, the family now has a lot of fans globally. Click here for the English blog and here for the Arte video on their YouTube channel. btc price© Cryptoticker