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The recent Loopring update offers tremendous throughput improvements for the cryptocurrency industry. Totle Swap is the latest service provider to integrate this functionality.

Any exchange or trading platform benefits from what Loopring has brought to the table in the recent update. 

Unlocking the Power of Loopring

Any improvement in scalability and transaction throughput will be greatly appreciated.

Totle Swap allows users to swap ether or top erc20 coins directly 

Due to the integration of LRC support, swaps between the different ecosystems will be a lot faster.

As Loopring is completely open, developers can launch decentralized trading services on top of it. 

Through this integration, Totle also allows developers to build in swaps from LRC to ether and vice versa into their dApp.

It is a very welcome change to the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Before this industry can gain mainstream traction, it needs to scale a lot better than it does today. 

It is pertinent for all exchanges to look at this protocol and make the most of it.

After all, no one wants to wait for transactions to settle or be processed. 

Withdrawals can take anywhere from minutes to several hours, which is far from ideal. 

One can only hope the open Loopring protocol finds its way into more offerings as time progresses. 


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