Prominent crypto trading education platform TraderCobb has decided to give out massive discounts for its courses and subscriptions to help alleviate the difficulties caused by the Coronavirus. It is offering up to 50 percent off, but only for a few days.

The Corona pandemic has taken more jobs than lives, as reported by multiple media outlets worldwide.

In the U.S., a Goldman Sachs analysis displayed that unemployment benefits weekly filings have skyrocketed from 281,000 to a whopping 2.25 million. At the same time, businesses across the globe have been shutting down operations to contain the spread of the virus. Bloomberg quoted Federal Reserve bank of St. Louis President James Bullard predicting that the unemployment rate in America may hit 30% due to the shutdowns made to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

“I can help you to make an income throughout this period of time as many of you are probably concerned about [losing] your jobs. This is not only an income you can work towards it’s an opportunity to better yourself, learn a new skill for life and keep your mental health strong during this tough period” says Craig Cobb, a world-class trader and one of the founders of TraderCobb.

The master trader confidently believes that trading is a recession-proof income-generating tool, as proven by his success, following the events of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis.

About the Trading Education Company

TraderCobb is an Australia-based cryptocurrency trading education platform that teaches checklist-based trading strategies. Their strategies are structured and objective, leaving less room for error. Tradercobb is a highly trusted education provider globally, with perfect reviews in Trustpilot.

After spending 15 years teaching over 10,000 + people globally on how to trade, Cobb has figured out the best way to reinforce the learnings in a simple and hands-on approach to trading.

But, the education does not stop there. The platform also offers access to a community of like-minded traders using the same strategies. This allows them to give each other feedback, as well as grow together to become better traders. Let’s be honest, a community is important at times like these.

Why are they offering massive discounts?

Craig Cobb believes that people need trading education now more than ever.

As workers are getting laid off and companies are being shut down, the vast majority of the global population is in lockdown.

Instead of doing nothing, they could use their free time to learn how to trade and ask themselves about what they really want from their work. If there was ever a time to assess, it is now. This could be a way to generate income to sustain themselves and their families throughout the pandemic.

The courses and subscriptions are now offered on discounted prices up to 50 percent, for a limited time only.

“For us, it’s about helping other people, but we want to keep our staff employed as well,” says Craig, as he talks about pricing the courses just right to keep their company afloat whilst making his education platform more affordable to most people.

The discounts cease once 40 people have purchased. So, if you’re interested, go to the website and secure a slot now.

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