Update on my minifarm: I bought 2 new miners. Quite happy tbh. First miner I wasn’t paying any gas money. The next two I completely nulled out living costs. From here on in I guess its free money. I’ll be adding more not sure if in my vacation villa because Id have to renovate one whole room to make it sound proof. Ma’s building a hospital, we’ve have numerous talks about it and it definitely seems viable more than my dad’s factories, her own skin clinics or any other of our houses. Because factories are considered “public buildings” and any government official can walk in at anytime for any reason, clinic is too obvious and small and houses are a hassle. But hospital has high electricity usage anyways so it wont be suspicious one bit and government officials need legal paperwork to come snooping. We’re thinking LSF(light steel frame) instead of concrete building cuz it speeds up the process considerably. Like we would have a building up and runnin in 2-4 months. Maybe we put a 20 miner farm on the roof or on the basement. Ma also loves gardening and green houses. I was thinkin I could direct all the heat expelled by the miners into a 2500 square meter green house right next to the hospital(the empty land that we didnt build a hospital on). Yup. Wish me luck while I make it harder for u to buy🌚😂🤷🏻‍♂️. But hey mining makes it more expensive so yuh. And feel free to ask questions incase u have access to cheap electricity and are thinkin bout mining

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