Ordered my second Voltage Goat Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy back in March of this year. It finally arrived along with a Wedge 2 weeks ago. I am a repeat customer, I was very happy with the roller coaster guy and wedge I ordered 2 years ago. Seems quality control has dropped a bit, at least on the roller coaster guy. I’m thinking they’ve been overwhelmed with orders and have been trying to get them out as quickly as possible. The 3D printing is meh.. some layer separation.. looks like the speed was turned up.. nibs.. etc..

Anyways.. setup my roller coaster guy, it worked for about 2 weeks.. then stepper motor started screeching. Quickly unplugged it, seems the gear sticks at one spot. Plugged it back in and it seemed to work.. until this morning he was flopped over pointing up. Seems stepper motor no longer is working. Sent an email to [support@voltagegoat.com](mailto:support@voltagegoat.com) and got an email back that they are done for the year. Will not respond to any emails until January.


I’d like to try and get my roller coaster guy working before then to catch the next bull run 😉

Has anyone replaced the stepper motor? Have a part number I can look up?



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