What is the best platform for purchasing bitcoin quickly and with relatively low fees? I have been using Coinbase for years now but I am finally fed up with their convoluted terms, long waiting periods (that they barely even forewarn you about), giant transaction fees, and their seemingly random decisions to block my transactions or “freeze them for further review” that last days to weeks at a time.

I tried to make a moderately large transaction the other day and there was simply no way to get it done. I was trying to buy $600 worth of bitcoin and Coinbase told me the “transaction cannot be completed because of suspicious activity,” despite the fact that I was using the same completely verified account on the same IP address I’ve been using for years. I tried again later about ten times and received the same message every time. What are some alternatives that won’t put me through all of this? Preferably an alternative where I can quickly buy via my bank account or debit card. Security and verification processes don’t have to be great because I won’t be holding any coins on the site’s account. Thank you for any help provided.

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