Just spent an hour listening to someone talking about the possibility of a civil war starting in the US in the next 6 months. Their angle was based on the president being able to create a state of emergency and bypass the constitution when he loses the election.
(A little info on that – https://youtu.be/fDrFCMHX9OU)

This got me thinking about our last civil war and the confederate currency becoming completely worthless.

If “theoretically” a war did start and you were against the government would switching to a cryptocurrency be a smart move?

I can’t imagine the US dollar becoming completely worthless but what if half the nation refused to use it?

I personally do not believe a war is coming anytime soon but I love learning.

Since the US has such a massive military (force) they could shush anyone that refuses to abide by their standards and they can track you through the US currency (sort of).

Cryptocurrency is accepted worldwide, and a lot more secure when it comes to being tracked. This leads me to believe you could survive financially if you survive physically.

(lol, I feel like such a paranoid person saying this)

What would you do?

btw, the Canadian border is closed lmao

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