In the digital age, an ideal currency should have at least the following three characteristics:

1️⃣ It should be absolutely free from control by any authority. The state should not act as an issuer and should not have the power to manipulate it.

2️⃣ A currency must have no borders, it can be paid for anywhere in the world and sent from one continent to another without any problems.

3️⃣ It must be “apolitical” so as not to give preference to a particular system or group of people.

To date, only Bitcoin has such characteristics.

It is money free from dictatorship, oppression and hyperinflation, and a financial refuge for many in today’s world. BTC has an initially limited issue of 21 million coins, and this figure will never be changed.

What happens in parallel with the dollar today? That’s right. Uncontrolled issue – the U.S. printing press works without stopping.

In fact, any money controlled by the central bank is not really reliable – governments like to spend more than they get from taxes and other revenue streams; so they print enough money for their needs. When more money is printed and invested in the economy, it reduces the value of the same dollar that is already in circulation.

All these drawbacks are not in bitcoin. The arrival of new coins in this world is fixed by a code with which all members agree. The speed of new Bitcoins in the world is fixed and transparent, as well as the approximate date when the last coin will be created.

☝️ It is all this that is the main value of the bitcoin.

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