We are thrilled to announce that XDC, XDC Network’ native token, is now available on Changelly PRO. Starting today, users will be able to deposit the coin directly to their accounts and will get access to the XDC/BTC and XDC/USDT trading pairs.

XDC Network is a hyper-efficient enterprise-friendly hybrid blockchain network. It aims to combine the advantages of both private and public blockchains, maintaining both a permissioned private state and a permissionless public state. The private state ensures that sensitive financial data is controlled and secure, meanwhile the public state makes it transparent and verifiable. 

XinFin network provides smart contract functionality and offers significant scalability advantages, including 2000 TPS, near-zero fees, and instant finality. The network, which positions itself as a more cost-effective and efficient platform for connecting real-world finance organizations to DeFi markets, has the potential to become the de-facto leader for recording payment obligations.

I am excited to see such an innovative token join Changelly PRO! XDC is a great addition to our platform, and we are happy to give more traders easier and quicker access to this coin.

Changelly CEO Eric Benz

About XDC Network

The XinFin XDC Network ($XDC) is an enterprise-ready, open source, hybrid blockchain protocol specializing in tokenization for real-world decentralized finance. The XDC token is the underlying utility token that powers XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain. The XDC token acts as a settlement mechanism for DApps built on the XinFin Hybrid Blockchain. To date, use cases built around XinFin’s XDC utility token are: MyContract, TradeFinex, Kramaa, Land Registry, iFactor, Blockdegree and TurantPay.

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About Changelly

Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto. Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 160+ cryptocurrencies that can be effortlessly swapped within 10 minutes on desktop and on-the-go via Changelly mobile app.

In 2020, Changelly has branched out to accommodate the needs of traders. PRO has been built as a platform focused around the needs of the customer, effectively enabling retail buying and selling of digital tokens and coins. Piggy-backing the great support system found within Changelly, Changelly PRO will provide the community with high limits, effective pricing, fast execution, and 24/7 live support.

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