I don’t care if Bitcoin goes up or down. I don’t care if the market is manipulated. I don’t care about anything to be honest.

2019 was horrible and 2020 was the worst year of my life. I have been suffering depression without being able to do anything, even simpler tasks, and left alone just because I didn’t figure out I wasn’t pursuing what I really wanted.

I was that depressed yes man that nobody cared of, not even me. I wasn’t realizing that I had to stop being scared about work, girls, and to start enjoying it whatever it happens.

This project keeps me awake at night, I can’t stop doing research, from both financial and technical sides. I literally can’t stop and I fucking love it and more than that it is also giving us hope!

I honestly don’t care if it crashes to 1$, it makes me feel alive just by knowing such free technology exists. I wasn’t experiencing this passion from years and it’s the only important thing to me.

Bitcoin, ironically, taught me life is precious the way it is.

Thank you

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