For those that don’t know me I run Australia’s largest crypto channel. I’ve been advocated for crypto adoption in Australia since 2012. Today I woke up on Xmas to a strike warning from Youtube for harmful or dangerous content. Checked my email, nothing. A few hours later after Xmas lunch, another strike. I hadn’t even done anything on Youtube since the first strike. Still no email. I cover a lot of topics related to finance, economics, housing market, stocks as well as crypto related content. We don’t do paid ICO or token promotion. I have done tutorials on leverage trading platforms. I’m really not sure what to do. If the trend continues most crypto youtubers will be affected. I get there’s plenty of bad guys out there, but there’s plenty of good ones who have been big advocates for Bitcoin & crypto for years. Wish us luck…
Edit: Yes I already post to & support decentralised platforms but the fact is users aren’t there yet.

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