Bitcoin Back On Track, Poised To Reach $50K If This Historic Trend Persists

Within the first week of the new year, Bitcoin continued its impressive bullish trend breaking the $40K price tag. The past weekend has however seen the asset go off track with a considerable pullback. With the latest move, analysts have cautioned investors not to have “weak hands” and miss out on the coming move. This is predicted to see Bitcoin reach over $50K.

Bitcoin has found stability following a shaky weekend and start to the week. Since it topped its previous ATH high record of $20K mid-Dec the digital asset has remained unstoppable. By the end of 2020, Bitcoin was knocking at $30K, a record end of year price. After a 3-year bear period, the imminent bull trend has been dominating with minimal pullbacks and extended breakouts. With the first week of the year, Bitcoin had set a new all-time price of $40K. 

Breaking The $40K Wall

In just 3 days, Bitcoin has slipped back under $35K marking a more than 20% drop. Start of a bear market? Since the last bear market lasted over 3 years, it should be clear to investors that it takes more than a few days or weeks before a trend takes hold. Bitcoin remains far from being proclaimed bearish. This especially looking at the fundamentals which remain healthy, and the fact that it is holding above higher lows.

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Don’t let short-term $BTC price action distract you.

Fundamentals are strong.

The network is healthy.

Zoom out and #HODL.#Bitcoin

— Rafael Schultze-Kraft (@n3ocortex)

Furthermore, pullbacks have historically not been necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, investors get the chance to buy at lower positions and take profits on the way back up. This recent pullback might be especially a great one for investors.

Historically, a 30% pullback by Bitcoin has been followed by a 150% price growth. With Bitcoin pulling as far as 20% in a short time, a rebound could set Bitcoin on its way to marking a new high well above $50K.

Bitcoin Back On Track, Poised To Reach $50K If This Historic Trend PersistsBTCUSD Charts By TradingView

In the last 24 hours, the digital asset has been stable, sitting just above $35K and recording a marginal change. As the asset gets back to winning ways, investors should expect a wall at the recent $40K with some big players cashing out. But as soon as these are shaken off, Bitcon will be poised for a monumental win above $50K.