BlockV NFT Technology Platform Launches Giveaway Program

Vodafone, which is powered by Vatoms NFT Technology from BlockV, is launching a giveaway program to reward users in London with thousands of tech prizes, including iPhone 11.

In the Vodaphone #FindUnlimited game, players are required to find and interact with Vatoms –virtual objects that can be transformed into dynamic goods — dropped in augmented reality at six locations in London.

TThe Vatoms are deposited at high-football venues and participants will need to find them using only their mobile phone web browsers.

Each player will be required to fish out the Vatoms at these strategic locations and stand a chance to exciting prices like Airpods, iTunes vouchers and iPhone 11.

The BlockV Vatom platform is powered by the VEE token and this event demonstrates the capabilities of the platform.

The primary objective of the platform is to promote customer engagement, while also tapping the power of blockchain technology to provide audibility, ownership, and scarcity.

Each redeemable prize Vatom is an Ethereum ERC-721 token developed with Blockv and its accessible via the Vatom web browser app.

Earlier in June 2019, BlockV used its NFT technology to provide a unique digital experience to 16k attendees at the Free Your Mind Festival. At the event, the firm was able to demonstrate how its Vatom technology can be applied to enhance user experience in a festival setting.

How to Play

While the competition is open to everyone, Vodafone customers will, however, have a slight edge over others, as exclusive about prize locations will be revealed to users at 11 am daily.

Also, participants who share their experiences on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will be sent an additional clue that would give them a better chance of winning the iPhone 11 prize.

For more information on how to find the prizes, visit 

About Blockv

BLOCKv’s development platform features a complete set of APIs and tools which allows developers to create digital objects with blockchain technology. These objects are known as Vatoms and they can be gotten or viewed on any mobile device.

Vatoms are programmable objects and they have the ability to store and secure digital goods, while also being transferable from user to user.

With the help of the BlockV developer and partner community, Vatoms get transformed into the experience layer to the distributed ledger, providing a new level of human engagement.






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