A father and daughter duo in Montana was sentenced to years in jail for selling drugs on the Dark Web in exchange for Bitcoin.

The internet offers many tangible benefits to people, such as the ability to effortlessly communicate with others all over the world. However, such gifts can be used for nefarious ends as criminals seek to exploit technology to further their illicit activities. One such example is of a father and daughter duo who used the internet to operate a narcotics operation without having to step outside their home in Billings, Montana. They are now paying the price as they were sentenced to a combined eight years in prison.

Using the Dark Web

The father/daughter duo is Brittany Nicole Green, aged 30, and Gregory Green. Brittany was sentenced to five years in prison while her father received a sentence of three years. After her release, she’ll have to undergo five years of supervised release. She can get a year removed from her sentence if she completes a drug abuse treatment program while she is being incarcerated.

A father and daughter duo were sentenced to 8 years in prison for selling drugs on the Dark Web.

The judge gave the father, Gregory Green, less time than the daughter as he felt Brittany’s role in the Dark Web drug operation “merits a longer sentence” than her father. Brittany Nicole Green had a drug conspiracy charge against her dropped as she pleaded guilty to possessing meth with an intent to distribute. Her father pleaded guilty to possession and conspiracy.

The two ran their drug operation out of their home in Billings, Montana. They sold narcotics on the Dark Web in exchange for bitcoins. They would then mail the drugs to their customers.

The pair were caught when Customs and Border Patrol agents in Michigan intercepted a package containing Xanax that was being shipped to them from Canada, which led to an investigation being opened. When police raided their home, they found a “supermarket of drugs” – Xanax, carfentanil, and meth.

It does appear that Brittany Green has a drug problem of her own. She has long struggled with her drug addiction, and her father noted to the court that her mother and brother both died of drug overdoses when she was a teenager. Gregory Green joined his daughter in her criminal activity as he felt it was safer for her to do drugs in his home rather than on her own.


Drug Dealers Getting Nabbed

This has not been a good year for quite a few drug dealers on the Dark Web. Australian police arrested a 27-year-old man back in March for being the mastermind behind an extensive narcotics operation operating in the seedy underbelly of the internet. The man was charged with importing, processing, and distributing about 30 kilograms of cocaine, ketamine, meth, MDMA, and other illicit drugs. Over AUD$2 million in assets was seized, including cryptocurrency, vehicles, and real estate.

A Canadian court seized $1.3 million in Bitcoin from a convicted drug dealer in April. The dealer pleaded guilty to trying to import a gun and possessing cocaine, PCP, and ketamine for distribution.

Late July saw one of the more notorious drug dealers from the Silk Road get arrested. 60-year-old Hugh Brian Haney was a high-ranking member of Pharmville, one of the largest narcotics sites on the Dark Web. Haney was found after he tried to move US$19 million in Bitcoin he had accumulated from his drug transactions.

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