High ticket merchant accounts for high risk merchants are the perfect solution to payment processing concerns. For legitimate firms in high risk business-to-consumer industries, finding the right payment processing account can be a challenge. Our high-risk merchant accounts are the solution

Payment Processing Should Not Be a Big Ticket Event

For firms operating in high ticket industries and selling online, payment processing accounts can be costly or difficult to obtain.   This slows down business, makes payment transactions expensive for your business, and place volume limits on your allowable transactions.

Our high-ticket merchant accounts can help in two ways. For business-to-business (B2B) sales that are considered to be standard risk. This is because other businesses are less likely to initiate chargebacks, or for the transaction to be fraudulent. Our B2B hight ticket risk merchant accounts can even offer you lower interchange rates with ticket amounts over $10,000.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) sales are considered much higher risk by traditional banks. What value is considered high risk can vary and can be anything from $500 up to $1,000.  High risk merchant accounts are readily available for companies selling high ticket goods or services.

Payment Processing Options for High Ticket Merchants

High Ticket Payment Processing
High Ticket Payment Processing

In addition to better rates and acceptance for your high-ticket card processing accounts, you can also give your customers greater choice of how to pay. For businesses selling a range of high-ticket products or services into the B2C sector, being able to offer a wider choice of payment methods can be highly lucrative.

High ticket merchant accounts enable your business to offer customers payment by credit card, debit card, echecks, and ACH.  Offering alternative payment methods such as echecks and ACH are proven to increase sales by up to 30% simply by offering an alternative to card payments at checkout. 

ACH and echecks also save you processing fees since there is no interchange with direct debits from bank accounts.  Compare this to card payments where fees are high due to interchange. 

What High Ticket Products Are Acceptable for High Risk Payment Processing?

High ticket merchant accounts are a great solution for selling goods and services online. Even items that traditional banks consider to be too high risk are accepted by our banks.   

For online retailers selling anything such as auto accessories, collectible items, fashion brands, furniture, financial services, precious metals, coins, and luxury goods, there are payment processing solutions that you need. The accounts are also good for selling custom made items, high-end services, tickets, and other premium items.

You will be able to offer your customers the ability to pay using a variety of options to suit them. Offering to accept payments through all channels including online, MOTO virtual terminals, mobile apps and credit cards and debit cards is a sure way to increase your sales.

How a High-Ticket Merchant Account Can Make Your Profits Soar

Unlike working with traditional banks, our banking partners give high risk businesses the opportunity to grow without restrictions on payment processing.  High ticket merchant accounts give you the opportunity to process big ticket sales on goods or services without the usual restrictions.

Other reasons to apply for your high-ticket merchant account include aggressively competitive rates, multiple payment methods, and quick settlements of your funds to improve cashflow. An extensive partner banking network enables smooth payments from your customers in the US and internationally.

You also get top security Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway along with a variety of fraud prevention tools. This enables you to manually review any payment that may be suspect in order to protect your business and reduce the risk of chargeback.

With fast approvals and superior customer service, you get the payment processing capacity you need to management and grow your business.

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