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Why do Banks Consider Your Business High Risk?

The short answer is that it is not your specific business that is considered high risk, but your industry. If your business is in an industry classified as high risk by the bank, you are still considered high risk even if you have low chargebacks. 

Chargebacks are the main reason that traditional banks consider particular industries as high risk.  Certain industries simply have higher statistical likelihood of chargebacks.  For instance, industries such as document preparation, adult entertainment, software, travel and internet services are all considered high risk in terms of chargebacks.

Business models also play a part in banks’ classifications of risk. If your business is one that lends itself more to recurring billing and regular payment plans, this is considered higher risk. This is because recurring billing transactions can be charged back up to 6 months after the first recurring billing transaction was made.  Increasing the risk of chargebacks substantially.   One-time purchases are considered lower risk than recurring payments.   

Payment Processing Capacity to Grow Your Business

High Volume Merchant Accounts
High Volume Merchant Accounts

High volume merchant accounts are readily available for fast-growing companies.  And for high volume processing, diversification of payment processing mitigates risk of dependence on a single bank.   Aggressively competitive rates help reduce costs of processing.  

High risk merchant accounts offer you top-notch technology.  With rates that save you money. 

A wide range of acquiring banks friendly to high risk merchants ensures you will always have the processing capacity you need.  Quick approvals mean you can start processing fast. 

Your Customers Benefit Too

By giving your customers more choice of how to pay you, you increase customer satisfaction and orders. High risk merchant accounts offer your business the ability to accept otherwise high risk ACH payments and echeck payments.

Being able to accept these forms of payment and giving your customers that flexibility is proven to increase your order volumes by up to 30%.

If your business sells to customers outside of the US, our accounts also offer several benefits for global customers. Our relationships with more than 80 banking institutions in different countries enables you to seamlessly sell internationally. This can grow your business in one swift move, and move you from ‘risky’ to successful almost overnight!

High Volume Accounts – With High Risk Security!

All our high-volume merchant accounts are extremely secure. Level 1 PCI-DSS high risk payment gateways ensure that payments are processed in line with the highest banking security standards.

Fraud prevention is also a high priority. High risk merchant accounts enable you to efficiently process legitimate orders, and immediately decline dubious ones. Any transactions that need manual review can be channelled as such and assessed in more detail in your own time.

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