I have been using Coinbase for three years. Two weeks ago, I was asked to provide ID again (already verified as level 2; already bought/sold cryptos on Coinbase; already linked bank account). Then they said my account is under review, meaning I can’t do anything except being able to log in.

I contacted the Coinbase support and the e-mail reply said it was being escalated and that it would take 24-48 hours. It’s been nearly two weeks and there hasn’t been any update.

I’ve seen that that they would respond here on Reddit and I have read the cases where they actually resolved issues. I couldn’t post on Coinbase Reddit because I don’t have enough Karma; it was automatically deleted :-(. I saw a post yesterday of another Coinbase user asking for help here to get enough Karma to be able to post on Coinbase Reddit. I would greatly appreciate any Karma you could give me so that I can post on Coinbase support. Thank you.

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