Estonia, Europe 12th of August –Today, the government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange Kriptomat launched the world’s first gamified blockchain rewards program. The unique experience allows users to play games of chance, collect blockchain assets, craft collectibles, and acquire non-fungible tokens that provide discounts and can be played in over 20 different video games. The loyalty program, called The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat, operates on the Enjin Platform and utilizes the new ERC-1155 token standard recently adopted by the Ethereum community.

“We are thrilled to lead the charge when it comes to adopting blockchain for rewards because we honestly believe that on-chain tokens are the most advanced form of digital asset in existence,” said Srdjan Mahmutovich, Kriptomat CEO. “Our team always strives to advance personal sovereignty, economic equality, and social equity by building community-centric platforms that offer transparency, opportunity, and self-governance to all who use them. This rewards program is another one of our innovations that will prove to the general public that blockchain is the future of digital proprietary.”

In the launch announcement, Kriptomat explains that blockchain assets are far more valuable than ordinary reward points. Users can store blockchain assets securely for a lifetime, sell or trade them for money or cryptocurrency, or use them in a multitude of apps and games.

With the Kriptomat rewards program, the team aspires to provide its customer base with the most robust blockchain-driven experience possible. Kriptomat rewards will enable cryptocurrency buyers to save on trading fees, enjoy exciting games of chance, craft and collect valuable blockchain items, and use those items in over 20 games.

Kriptomat’s blockchain rewards program is the first step in creating the enterprise rewards platform, Reewardio. Entrepreneurs and businesses across all major markets will be capable of creating customized versions of the Kriptomat rewards program and adapt it to their individual needs. From retail to education enagement and workplace motivation, Kriptomat aims for anybody to be able to use this program to reward anyone for anything.

The Kriptomat rewards program, entitled Dragon Riders of Kriptomat, is now available to use on If you wish to talk to the team directly join the Kriptomat Telegram group.

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