Microsponsors announced on Mar 17 the launch of a Non Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, in conjunction with liquidity provider 0x Protocol. The new marketplace will allow users to monetize their time and sell them as NFTs. The team will offer the categories of free lancing, podcasts, events, videos, newsletters, art, charity and more. They will also facilitate other projects or teams to start their own marketplaces, using Microsponsors tech.

📢📢📢 https://t.co/gZERhBJ17Z is LIVE!
Mint & Auction your TIME as NFTs in our new marketplace powered by @0xProject

We’re launching with Categories for:
Freelancing, Podcasts, Events, Videos, Newsletters, Art, Charity and more…

Register now: https://t.co/JYCfPsg2Ad— microsponsors.io (@microsponsors) March 17, 2020

Our Auctions have some cool features:

– Each time slot NFT has its own Comment thread by @3boxdb

– Use the Share Link in your item listings to generate Referral fees in Q2

– Our Registry is open data that anyone can integrate into their project or workflow— microsponsors.io (@microsponsors) March 17, 2020

What Can Content Creators And Sponsors Do On The Microsponsors Marketplace?

The team believes that time is one’s greatest asset, hence it shouldn’t go to waste, but be monetized. So, users can create and auction time slots for virtually anything they do online. It works by users creating and offering tokens, which represent time slots. They are offered for sale on the platform for bidding and winner can pick up the slot. It can used to monetize podcasts, live streams, videos, newsletters, fee lancing, services etc.

The sponsors can take part in the auction and bid for the time slots. They can ask questions from the content creators and service providers, about the time slots. Finally, the auction ends 24 hours, before the time slot goes live.

Additional Features Of The Platform

The Microsponsors platform is decentralized and permissionless, with the funds being transferred, without a third party, using the famed 0x Protocol. There is no fees for creators or sponsors for registration or offering, however the service charges 1.5% on both sides, once an auction has successfully completed. The referral program will be introduced in the future also, allowing users to earn by referring their friends and acquaintances. The Microsponsors is transparent, fair, secure and tamper proof. The creators are digitally verified using a blockchain registry.

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