MoonDogeSwap Airdrop is worth up to 400 MODO tokens (~$ 6). Invite your friends to earn 100 MODO tokens (~$ 1.50) for each. 

About MoonDogeSwap

MoonDoge is the first DOGE-Centric DEX built on Binance Smart Chain, with features such as asset swapping, high yield farming, staking, and a variety of other decentralized gamification. It is truly the playground for Dogers to trade, earn and have fun!

MoonDogeSwap ecosystem was created by a community of Dogecoin devotees after its price skyrocketed, concerned about the adoption of DOGE, specifically its liquidity injection in the DeFi space as well as utilization of funds for dogecoin holders. MoonDogeSwap Smart Contracts are being audited by CertiK Foundation.