Hey everyone, I know that most people here are probably tired of reading, so I’m trying to keep it short. My name’s Jonathan and I’m attending a high school in northern Germany. Some students at our school started projects regarding environmental protection, e.g. about what bottles to use, how our school and city affects the environment etc. (They even made it to the newspaper! https://www.shz.de/lokales/flensburger-tageblatt/nachhaltige-flaschen-und-begruente-daecher-schueler-realisieren-projekte-id25877342.html ). The point is, that I’m not that activist kind of guy, usually. But on Friday we actually got a bit off topic and our (physics) teacher started to talk about what he thinks about the current situation, but not that usual “oh no it’s so bad” stuff, he told us how important it is that everyone does something and just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.. (and a bit more, but like I said I’m gonna keep it short). He seemed really passioned about that and everyone in class got that kind of motivation, that kind of feeling we had the whole rest of the day. And to be honest, I got to think about what I could do (maybe with some good friends) and what we could change. You know, I live in a fairly small City with around 90k inhabitants, but more and more trees and grasslands get copped (btw there are barely trees around the harbour) down for new houses to be built. To push against that, we (2 friends and I) decided to.. plant trees. It’s a bit inspired from this “teamtrees” thing, but we decided that planting trees in our own City might be more helpful than focussing on that huge project. The only problem is though, that we don’t have enough money to actually start this. We already raised 550€ (~600$), and our goal is to get 1000€ in total. If we succeed, we are going to plan where to plant the trees and.. well.. plant them (we already got permission to do this btw, our school did that for us luckily) and (for those who are interested) I’m going to share some pictures (if you write me a message here on Reddit). Buut like I said, we still have 450€ to reach, that was the deal with our school. That’s why I’m posting that here, I really hope for some support, since this thing has become really important to me.

Soo if you have some bucks left over, we would be very happy if you could support us. Every single € / $ helps, you could just don’t buy that extra pack of cookies and instead, donate 1$, that would be great. (Btw the “deadline” is one week from now, if you want to stay informed send me a message!!)

For now, we only accept donations in Cryptocurrencies. (Why? Because here in our city there are plenty options to pay with them, so it’s way easier for us to exchange them to real Euros instead of having to worry about an underage PayPal account or anything). (That’s why I’m posting it here btw.) You can donate via:

DOGE: doge:DPxd3EBBSzPNy1gt84CuysvjhJ656ZxQj3

BTC: 16HCDf5vtsUjBi4LjPRjcVro78Z5P3SRPn

DASH: XknW1LRnPpj68ujsg2hJtGzTfw8jRuYKzm

XMR: 8A9LHJ8bh65GrfwXv4Wx1raCzNYZ4o4Ufc14NNMVxP7f3FjjeH3q9FEdqRusrBihc1T2JGkPdzmdFSvwuWnTYCxD75corTc

Thank you for your support 😀

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