The First Block-chain CashBack Service

Hi there.

Have you ever wondered if a block-chain cashback service ever existed? If yes, then this post is definitely the right one for you. I’ve tried it out myself and trust me it works! It’s a very simple way and easy to use procedure with no BS surveys, offers or anything that requires manual hard work.

All you do is install a Chrome extension and that’s it, whenever you make a payment – 5% of that amount returns to your crypto wallet; safe and secure. Let’s say for example, you made a transaction of 0.2 Bitcoin, all you do is use a promo code and you will get cashback from our system in the amount of 0.01 BTC. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true!

The security is not taken lightly, your cashback will immediately be confirmed and paid within a few minutes, we do not share any data on our system due to privacy protection of our users. We respect your privacy and we have tough security which means nobody can see what you are transferring as you will be completely anonymous during our cashback procedure.

In brief:

  • You install a safe and secure Chrome extension.
  • Whenever you make a payment, 5% of that amount returns to your wallet using our special promo code.
  • After a few minutes you will receive your cashback directly to your wallet, once our system confirms it.
  • Security is tough and not taken lightly and we do not store user data under any circumstances.

Check it out: Cashback

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