Dear Satoshi I DM’d you but you still ain’t responded
I left my Discord, Twitter, and medium link down at the bottom
BTC forked back in autumn, you might not-a got em
There probably was a problem on the exchange listing or something
Sometimes I write addresses too sloppy when I jot em
But anyways fuck it what’s been up man how is Laszlo
I’m buying Papa John’s too but it be just for fun though
If I had to give advice to my non existent daughter
I’d say hey, stay away from Roger…
I heard about the ICO scams I’m sorry
A friend of mine keeps his wealth with a mobile wallet on Safari
I know you read this everyday, but I’m your biggest fan
Even saw the lightning torch that made it to Iran
I got a room full of Bitcoin stickers and the t-shirts man
Stacking stats not a government investment plan
Anyways I hope you get this Satoshi hit me back
Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan
This is Stan

No mempool so I’m wondering why I
let my wallet set the fee
My reddit feed full of buttcoiners
so much that I can’t read
And even if I pull up the tx highway
Doesn’t look like alts trade free
It reminds me, that BCH is a scam
BCH is a scam

Dear Satoshi you still ain’t moved the coins, I hope that you aren’t dead
I ain’t mad, after all this time I just don’t wanna be misled
If you didn’t wanna talk to me in California
You didn’t have to, but ya shoudla thought a little more about the boys out in China
That’s centralization man did you read Nick’s shelling out
The financial system control, and what that’s all about
Bot trading, backdoors, and the chancellor on brink of bailout
That’s pretty crummy man, the whitepaper is like my Bible
I want to be just like you man, don’t care if that means libel
Sometimes I even solo mine without free electricity
It’s like adrenaline the waste is such a sudden rush for me
Bitcoin is bootstrapped, and I respect you cause you tell it
My wife be jealous I check the damn prices 24/7
But she don’t know you like I know you Satoshi no one does
She don’t know what anonymity vs. privacy be like cuz
You gotta chat me, I’ll be the biggest fan you’ll ever lose
Sincerely yours, Stan
P.S. Still time to be a professor, too

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